Spaceytales X NASA

NASA JWST Outreach Postcards

In our infant stage, NASA reached out to Spaceytales. Our collaboration involved enhancing art concepts and product mockups for public engagement. This collaboration was a stellar chapter in Spaceytales' story, inspiring us to keep sharing the wonders of space with the world.



Dot In Space Exhibitions

Spaceytales embarks on an exhilarating collaboration with the Science Centre Singapore and the Office for Space Technology & Industry Singapore (OSTin), bringing 'Dot in Space' to life every year. This captivating space exhibition made its debut during the Science Centre's inaugural Space Festival in 2023. 'Dot in Space' blends Singapore's flourishing space industry with the cosmic wonders of space, presenting them in an interactive and informative manner. This ongoing project is a testament to our shared commitment to ignite curiosity and inspire awe, both on a national and international scale!



Mars: The Red Mirror Outreach

Spaceytales collaborated with ArtScience Museum for the marketing of the "Mars: The Red Mirror" exhibition from 25 November 2023 to 7 April 2024, in partnership with Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. To market this event, Spaceytales launched a creative social media campaign, utilising reels and posts to widen the exhibition's appeal. This initiative underscores Spaceytales' dedication to making space exploration intriguing and accessible.



COSPAR Luggage Tag and Booth

Spaceytales joined forces with the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and the Nanyang Technological University Satellite Research Centre (NTU SaRC). NTU SARC approached Spaceytales to infuse the 5th COSPAR Symposium with cosmic fascination. We strategically placed engaging Spaceytales posters throughout the event space and hosted a dedicated booth to share our love for space. As a special touch, we created space-themed luggage tags to give away to COSPAR attendees. This collaboration underscored our shared passion for making space exploration entertaining and informative within the space industry.


Spaceytales X Jeffrey Williams

Jeff the Astronaut Book Series

In a compelling partnership, Spaceytales teamed up with Retired NASA Astronaut Jeffrey Williams to craft the Jeff the Astronaut Book Series. This edutainment book series has a singular goal: to ignite children's dreams and inspire them to chase their aspirations. We brought the series to life by employing our skills in illustration, storytelling, and creativity, resulting in captivating comic-style illustrations that are sure to engage young readers. Our collaboration with Astronaut Jeffrey Williams ensured that this series reaches for the stars, blending science, adventure, and education to cultivate the next generation's passion for exploration.


Spaceytales X Children's Cancer Foundation

Spaceytales Learning Workshop

Spaceytales was privileged to visit Children's Cancer Foundation Singapore, where we held an educational, hands-on learning session for some incredible young minds. Together, we explored the wonders of space and ignited their curiosity about the cosmos. To make the experience even more special, we conducted a drawing session, allowing these young stars to express their creativity through art. But we didn't stop there – we took some of their artwork and brought it to life in digital form, so the kids could witness their art come to life. It was a heartwarming experience, and we hope to inspire these young stars to shine as bright as the ones above.


Spaceytales X UOB

UOB Hangout Speaker Event

Spaceytales' founder, Jarrod, made his debut as a speaker at Singapore Polytechnic, taking center stage at the United Overseas Bank (UOB) Hangout Space. During this engaging event, Jarrod delved into the journey of Spaceytales, sharing insights into its creation and unveiling the surprising opportunities that arose amid the pandemic. This session was an invaluable chance to inspire and connect with an audience hungry for knowledge and vision.


Spaceytales X NPS International

UN World Space Week Event

At NPS International School, our founder, Jarrod, was honored to be invited as a guest speaker, captivating students with the intriguing realm of physics and narrating Spaceytales' inspirational journey. Alongside, a vibrant Spaceytales booth showcased a delightful array of merchandise, including charming moon plushies, captivating postcards, and engaging posters. This experience was part of the United Nations (UN) World Space Week, contributing to a memorable celebration of all things space.


Spaceytales X Singapore Institute of technology

International Space Day Outreach

On International Space Day, Spaceytales partnered with the esteemed Singapore Institute of Technology to celebrate the cosmos in style. In this collaborative venture, we crafted a captivating space-themed reel, infusing the festivities with a distinctive spacey essence. This creative collaboration stands as a vivid testament to our mutual ardor for sparking curiosity among students and promoting the awe-inspiring marvels of the universe.