Happy Spaceys

  • Emma is over the moon to see her favourite planet, “Earth” 🌍 and is excited to learn all about the other planets. She can’t wait to toss her plushies into the sky to create her own mini-universe. I think it’s an awesome way to get kids excited about learning and loving space!"

  • "Hello Spaceytales... thank you for designing the plushies! My girl really loves it. ☺️ Jiayou!"

  • “My son loves space stuff and I knew I had to get the plushies when I saw it!! It’s the perfect size for their little hands!”

  • "I saw your recent post. Makes me recall my boys getting excited about the plushies."

  • "Thought you might appreciate this pic of my daughter hugging "Earthfy" while napping in the car!"

  • "I was surprised to see that my daughter could identify Earth and educated me on some of the planets that she recognises. Little C joined in the fun by throwing the little balls of planets around!"

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