Our Story

Spaceytales was born from a passion for the universe and a deep-seated desire to inspire curiosity about the cosmos. Our cosmic odyssey commenced with our founder, Jarrod, an individual captivated by the stars and a passionate space communicator. He set forth on a mission to reveal the boundless wonders of the universe.

Starting with comics that blended science and storytelling, we made the cosmos approachable. These comics became a welcoming gateway to understanding the universe, demystifying it and turning it into a cosmic playground for exploration.

Moving beyond comics, Spaceytales ventured into exhibitions such as Dot in Space, where visitors could physically immerse themselves in the universe. Buoyed by the success of these edutainment endeavors, we explored cosmic merchandise, enabling enthusiasts to carry the cosmos with them. These products are more than mere items; they are extensions of our profound passion for space.

At Spaceytales, we envision a universe where the mysteries of space captivate people of all ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to nurture this fascination by delivering engaging, educational products and experiences, empowering individuals to embark on their own cosmic journeys. The stars are always within reach, come and join us in exploring them!